Every parent wants their child to be happy, healthy, and flourishing. For this, they search for the best educational opportunities that help the children attain successful careers in the future. However, raising your kids to be smart from the pre-school age grooms them to a distinct path. It is without a doubt that parenting is a daunting task. You want the best for your child, and that is why nurturing them to be smart is a great idea. 

Tips to make your child smart

The pre-school years are the most crucial phase of a child’s life. You can make a massive difference by teaching them necessary life skills. If your kid is smart, getting better opportunities in the future will be easy. 

Check out some of these excellent parenting tips –

  • Read with your kids

Instead of reading to your children, make them participate. Open the storybook and encourage them to read along with you. Make sure the book has lots of colourful pictures. That will surely grab the attention of your child. It leads to the development of reading skills and promotes early literacy. 

  • Refrain from practising perfectionism

You might want to be a perfectionist in every aspect of your life. However, expecting that from a little kid is unrealistic. Let your child learn at his/her own pace. What you can do to make them smarter is to guide and encourage them to explore new things. 

  • Play learning games

Opt for spending a significant amount of time playing with your children. You can choose educational games such as puzzles, interactive games, etc. Make sure to spend some time outside amidst nature. It is not recommended for a child to remain cooped up inside the house all the time. 

  • Making mistakes is crucial

As a parent, it is difficult to see your kid struggle or fail. However, you need to let them solve problems. When they fail, make them understand the problem and help them solve it. If you jump in between, they will never learn. 


These are the different parenting tips that one can adopt to make their child smarter. It is vital to understand that grooming your child from the pre-school years on helps create a solid foundation. As a parent, worrying for your child never stops, and at PEKS World, we understand that. Enrol your kid in the Best Preschool in Ludhiana for an enriching education!

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