Curriculum of International Standards

The preschool activities in Our World at PEKS curriculum provide practical ways to encourage the abilities your child will need in playschool and beyond. This curriculum is envisioned by experts inspired from the global curriculum of the top schools worldwide.

Daily Writing, listening, speaking, and pre-reading

Literature and stories to advance knowledge of the connection between speech and print.

Knowledge Centre

Access to a wide range of writing instruments, paper, and other supplies at the writing centre can pique interest in Writing, publishing books, and other activities.

STEM Activities

Constructing and resolving issues using rhyming, singing and playing.

All-Encompassing Sphere of Learning

We envision a thriving educational ecosystem where children grow holistically with a 360 degree learning approach.


Future-Ready Toddler

PEKS is an environment where kids get opportunities to overcome difficulties and make decisions that will increase their confidence.

Personalized care

Independent, teacher-directed, and small-group activities that promote inquiry, exploration, and discovery are part of our preschool programme.

Knowing Kids Potential

Learning strategies that are personalised for each student and take into account their interests and strengths.

Engaging Curriculum

A curriculum that encourages music, reading, and other arts. PEKS curriculum is expertly designed to bring out every child’s expression and creativity.

Tech-Aided Education

We integrated modern learning concepts like STEM education, Abacus, smart classes that promote future-ready abilities.

Health & Hygiene

Practices for safety, security, and cleanliness that adhere to or exceed all applicable local, state, and national regulations.

PEKS World, the Best Emerging Innovative Pre-school in North India fueled by the vision of igniting the spark of innovative early childhood education.

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