We aim to cultivate in each child a desire for learning and adventure so that our toddlers get an international level of exposure. We encourage creativity and endorse the philosophy of “being happy and joyful at all times.”

We are committed to providing the highest quality of environment and atmosphere that cares for students and parents. Our commitment is demonstrated by encouraging our toddlers to:

Tap into their Potential

Reach their full social and physical potential in a fair, positive and consistent environment.

Show Outstanding Results

Display a commitment to improving their learning outcomes which parents can constantly monitor and track.

Learn with activities & play

Develop a sense of learning along with space and freedom in a safe and secure environment.

Make toddlers Future-Ready

Prepare our toddlers for the following stages of learning by building on their strengths.


PEKS World, the Best Emerging Innovative Pre-school in North India fueled by the vision of igniting the spark of innovative early childhood education.

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