The preschool will also be closed when all the schools are closed due to an unfortunate incident. There won’t be any scheduled make-up days for days missed. In the event of closures, holidays, or illness, no refunds would be granted.

Parents would be able to arrange a meeting over the phone or via email. Parents would be welcome to drop in at any time, but we will ask that you first stop by the office so we can make sure your visit won’t interrupt your kid or the class. We also have an open-door policy where parents can walk in to resolve queries.

Parents can request a meeting with their child’s teachers at any time, and the coordinator and teachers will always be available to discuss any issues. For the parents, dropping off or picking up their child could be a busy moment. You will be advised to schedule an appointment to receive our undivided attention. Through the newsletter, teachers will regularly inform parents about the events and activities. Teachers will also post images of the kids engaging in daily activities on Facebook and other social media platforms.
It is crucial to be involved in your child’s educational journey. Although a parent cannot volunteer directly in the classroom, we will still give parents many opportunities to participate in their children’s education. Families will be welcomed to various occasions all year long, including the Annual Day performance and more! Parents will be more than welcome to attend special events, birthday parties, and seminars with us. A teacher could also urge parents to volunteer for a specific task. You will always be able to inquire about participation opportunities from the centre director.


Our total student-to-staff ratio at the school will be less than 20:1, with different proportions in each classroom during the day. For every programme, we will use a dedicated average student-teacher ratio per the program’s requirement and adequacy. Qualified early childhood educators and seasoned support workers will be present in every classroom. In addition to these two people, we will also have floaters who will go from classroom to classroom as additional assistance is required.

Our centre’s director and teachers will all possess a bachelor’s degree in education, a certificate in early childhood education, and prior classroom experience. Above that, we will only choose educators who are passionate about this subject and have relevant experience. Every staff member will have current Childcare First Aid certification and will only be appointed after a thorough background check. PEKS Preschool will also offer ongoing in-service training and allow teams of teachers to attend workshops and conferences to bring back the most recent theories, techniques, and resources.


We will aim to cultivate in each child a desire for learning and adventure so that our toddlers get an international level of exposure. We will encourage creativity and endorse the philosophy of “being happy and joyful at all times.”

We will focus on expressive art activities for kids, such as painting, sketching, and learning fundamental skills like counting and letter recognition. Ample playtime will be the basis of our everyday activities, where children will get to express themselves with world-class toys, space and freedom.

For young children, outdoor play is essential; at PEKS, we will spend a lot of time outside. Playing outside is the most effective way for kids to learn how to explore, take risks, develop agility and absorb a tonne of fundamental knowledge, among other developmental activities. Children will have the chance to experience the outdoors every day.


At the end of each school day, our school’s professional cleaning team will completely clean the facility. The teachers themselves will be meticulous about sterilising all surfaces. All playthings, equipment, and supplies will be routinely cleaned and replaced.

Our campus’ security is something we will be taking extremely seriously. A thorough security system will be implemented at our institution, with numerous security checkpoints:
● Front entry door will be secured with security guards.
● Only authorised entries will be permitted.
● Unauthorised individuals will have to wait for staff assistance.
● All people permitted to pick up your child will be listed manually.
● To ensure safety, security cameras will be all around the campus.


We will be welcoming children from 1.5 years to 3.5 years of age as of April 2023.

The academic year at the school will run from April to March. During other months, admission will be permitted if there are seats available. A birth certificate from the civic body serving as proof of age is necessary at the time of registration. At the time of registration, four passport-sized photos and a copy of the child’s immunisation record would be required.


A dedicated early childhood educator with good experience in this field will always be there in the classroom, curriculum development, operations, setup, or training. The management will be actively involved in all aspects of the vision and mission.

Transparency is a priority for us, and hence there shall be no hidden fees or costs.

PEKS World, the Best Emerging Innovative Pre-school in North India fueled by the vision of igniting the spark of innovative early childhood education.


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