NEP 2020 Powered Curriculum

The educational landscape in India is undergoing a substantial transformation with the introduction of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. This policy stresses the significance of holistic development, foundational literacy, numeracy, and multidisciplinary learning. In response to this progressive policy, PEKS, the best emerging innovative pre-school in North India, has wholeheartedly embraced NEP 2020 by aligning its curriculum and methodologies with its objectives.

Building 21st Century Learners & Leaders

PEKS has seamlessly integrated the principles of NEP 2020 into its educational framework. Here’s how:

Holistic Development

PEKS’ curriculum is specifically designed to promote holistic development and foster inquiry-based learning. It prioritizes the all-round growth of a child – mentally, physically, and emotionally – perfectly aligning with NEP’s focus on holistic development.

Foundational Literacy and Numeracy

PEKS ensures that children acquire essential literacy and numeracy skills. Its programs concentrate on developing fundamental abilities in reading, writing, and numeracy, in line with NEP’s emphasis on foundational literacy and numeracy.

Multidisciplinary Learning

PEKS encourages a multidisciplinary approach to learning. Children are provided with opportunities to explore various fields and develop a diverse range of skills, a key aspect of NEP 2020.

Creative and Critical Thinking

PEKS actively fosters creative and critical thinking by implementing programs that cultivate logical reasoning, design thinking, and the exploration of creative expression.

Health & Hygiene

PEKS prioritizes the importance of health and hygiene, recognizing it as a crucial element of a child’s holistic development.

PEKS stands at the forefront of the educational revolution, incorporating NEP 2020’s vision and goals into its educational practices, ensuring that your child receives a comprehensive and forward-thinking education.

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