Parents naturally find it difficult to trust new people with their kids. Even if the person is an experienced caregiver, you can’t help but feel anxious and stressed. Pre-schools understand the dilemma and thus select caregivers carefully. For that, our educational institution looks beyond the academic capabilities of the professional.

These are the top five qualities that a school must look for in a caregiver:

01. Empathy

Children often experience unexpected emotions and don’t know what to do. In that case, the caregiver must listen to the problem, talk with them and help them to find the best solutions. Making sure they are heard highly essential in these developmental years.

02. Organisational skills

Organisational skills are necessary to maintain discipline and structure in a class. A caregiver is responsible for arranging different activities. For that, the caregiver needs to be in control. Being organised ensures that.

03. Patience

Kids have the innate capacity to wear you out. Snapping at them at some point is a natural response. But as a caregiver at a pre-school, you need to have a handle on your response mechanism. Extreme patience is necessary. For instance, some children might ask the same question repeatedly. The ideal solution is to be patient and make them understand.

04. Up-to-date knowledge

Learning different ways to teach the kids basic life and pre-literacy skills is an important responsibility of the caregivers. That means up-to-date knowledge on how to teach kids is crucial. Moreover, in-depth information on the various learning techniques for children is essential.

05. Compassionate

Pre-school caregivers need to have kind and compassionate personalities. There will be children who are less academically inclined than others. Instead of making them feel inferior or left out, the caregiver must support the kids emotionally and motivate them to do better.


These are the various factors pre-schools must consider while selecting caregivers. It is without a doubt that caregivers play a significant role in the development of the child in the most crucial phase. That is why we at PEKS World is the Best Schools in Ludhiana hire only the best caregivers. Trust us to take care of your children and set them on the right path.

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