As a parent, you may have been told that education is the key to your child’s success. While it is true that a good education is essential, it is important to remember that playtime is just as crucial to your child’s development, especially during the preschool years. At PEKS World, one of the Best Playway Schools in Ludhiana, we understand how playtime can have an immense positive impact on your child’s growth and learning.

Playtime is not just about having fun. It is the primary way that young children learn. Playtime provides opportunities for children to explore, experiment, imagine and interact with the world around them. When children play, they develop essential skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and socialisation that will set them up for success in both the classroom and life.

01. Physical Development

Playtime stimulates children’s physical development. Playing outdoors with other children improves gross motor skills, helps develop coordination and balance, and increases physical activity, which promotes overall health and wellbeing.

02. Emotional Development

Playtime is crucial for developing emotional intelligence. Through play, children learn to recognise emotions, express feelings and develop empathy. They learn to manage disappointment, deal with conflict and develop trusting relationships with other children and adults.

03. Cognitive Development

Playtime provides children with the opportunity to take on new challenges, ask questions and explore new ideas. Through imaginative play and problem-solving activities, children develop critical thinking skills and curiosity, which form the basis for a lifelong love of learning.

04. Social Development

Playtime provides an opportunity for children to socialise with each other and learn the social rules of their world. It teaches them to collaborate, negotiate and share with others.

Playtime is a crucial aspect of early childhood development. Through play, children grow emotionally, physically, cognitively, and socially. A good playway school understands the importance of play and incorporates it into their curriculums.

At PEKS World, one of the top 10 play schools in Ludhiana, we believe that playtime is an essential part of learning and growth, which is why we offer a range of activities that promote play, imagination and creativity. Therefore, parents should also prioritise playtime and use it as a chance to bond with their children, allowing for broader and formative social experiences.

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