Toddling, a stage of rapid development, are eager to explore and assert their independence. PEKS World, one of the Best Playway School in Ludhiana believes that encouraging independence in toddlers is vital for their overall growth and development. By assigning age-appropriate tasks, parents and caregivers can foster a sense of responsibility and self-confidence in young children. In this blog post, we will discuss five age-appropriate tasks that can help toddlers develop independence. 

  • Getting Dressed:
    Toddlers can begin to learn how to dress themselves by around two to three years old. Encourage them to choose their clothes and then assist them in putting them on. Start with simple tasks, such as pulling up their pants or putting on their socks. As they gain confidence, gradually introduce more complex tasks, like fastening buttons or zippers. This task not only fosters independence but also enhances their fine motor skills and self-expression.
  • Setting the Table:
    By the age of two or three, toddlers can help in setting the table for meals. Teach them about the different utensils, plates, and cups needed for each mealtime. Start by allowing them to place non-breakable items on the table, such as napkins or plastic utensils. As they develop more control, they can progress to placing plates and cups. This task instils a sense of responsibility and contributes to their understanding of mealtime routines.
  • Cleaning Up Toys:
    Encouraging toddlers to clean up their toys teaches them the importance of responsibility and organisation. Introduce a consistent cleanup routine after playtime, where they are involved in putting away their toys. For younger toddlers, simplify the process by providing clear bins or baskets for different types of toys. As they grow, teach them to categorise and sort toys into appropriate containers. By involving them in this task, toddlers learn to take ownership of their space and develop organisational skills.
  • Assisting with Chores:
    Toddlers can also participate in age-appropriate household chores. Assign simple tasks such as wiping surfaces with a damp cloth, dusting low furniture, or helping to fold laundry. Make chores fun by turning them into a game or providing child-sized cleaning tools. Doing these tasks with adult supervision not only teaches toddlers valuable life skills but also instils a sense of contribution and self-confidence.
  • Putting on Shoes and Coats:
    Learning how to put on shoes and coats is an essential skill that promotes independence, especially when toddlers are getting ready to go outside. Teach them how to slide their feet into shoes, fasten Velcro straps or buckle sandals. Show them how to put on and take off jackets or coats independently. This task enhances their fine motor skills and fosters a sense of autonomy in getting dressed for outdoor activities.


Encouraging independence in toddlers is crucial for their overall development and confidence. By assigning age-appropriate tasks, such as getting dressed, setting the table, cleaning up toys, assisting with chores, and putting on shoes and coats, parents and caregivers can instil a sense of responsibility and self-confidence in young children. It is important to provide support and guidance while allowing toddlers to explore and assert their independence. These tasks not only promote skill development but also establish a foundation for lifelong habits of responsibility and self-sufficiency. PEKS World, counted among the Top Kindergarten Schools in Ludhiana, recommends that parents and caregivers must embrace these opportunities to foster independence in toddlers and support their growth into capable, self-reliant individuals.

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